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Herbal Gels

ALPA Horse Balm

A fast absorbing gel for pain relief in the joints and muscles, for use after any kind of physical activity. It is effective on fractures, bruises and arthritis. It contains a number of herbal essential oils and extracts with anaesthetic and relaxing effect. Clove, lavender, thyme, rosemary and ginger reduce pain in strained muscles. Menthol and camphor help to promote the blood circulation. The chestnut and comfrey extract, cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oil and arnica extract combat muscular exhaustion. An oil based additive ensures perfect spreading on the skin. The aromatherapy gel has a cooling affect and aids in the healing process.

250 ml






LESANA Herbal Gel

Lesana herbal gel has significant cooling effect owing to the high content of menthol. The mixture of volatile oils, eucalyptus and pine essential oils have a beneficial effect on muscle regeneration after physical exercise, and it also brings relief in the case of rheumatic pain. The addition of oil enables to use the gel for joint and backbone massages. It is also possible to use the gel against headache and fatigue by rubbing it on temples.

100 ml






ALPA Sport Gel

Is a cooling formulation for muscle and joint pain relieve after any physical exertion. The gel contains number of essential oils and extracts which have anaesthetic and relaxing effects. Clove, lavender, thymus, rosemary, ginger and methylsalicylate reduce the pain of tired muscles. Calendula and arnica extracts act against inflammation. Menthol and camphor improve blood circulation. Creatine supports skin metabolism and acts against irritation. The gel is well absorbed, cools and has significant aroma-therapeutic effects.

210 ml







* Overseas charges apply for all countries outside Australia included New Zealand (to be quoted in advance and paid on Pay Pal separately before delivery).

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